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Calhei No More

A kingdom has no king and a mighty invading army is bent on massacre. A family of noble Wycaan heritage is wounded and dispersed.


On the Plains of Shindellia the future created by one generation must be delivered by another. 

Calhei No More:

He understands their rage, their hatred, and their desire for revenge. He understands the drawn sword better than the crown being pressed upon him. But Shayth Shindell must find another path to save his country and do it without those who brought him this far.


Mharina has lost everything. Her teacher is dead, her lover fled, and her father trapped in his own nightmares. Yet she must take a stand and fight to keep a nation free. She must yield a power that no one alive understands and she must do it without a teacher.


Ilan and Senzia are growing up fast. Their only constant is each other, but they are calhei no more and must play their part as a nation teeters on the brink of annihilation. They are untrained, but natural-born Wycaans nonetheless, and they have each other.


Seanchai is a shell of the Wycaan Master he had become. Haunted by nightmares, defended by a wall he erected in his own mind, he must nonetheless face his past if he is to save his calhei’s future and the future of all Odessiya.


How much more can a family sacrifice?

ISBN: 978-0-9884428-3-2 (paperback)

LCCN: 2016909023

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